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At Kidz Play Zone , we believe in the developmental value of play.  We understand that play is essential to the healthy physical and mental development of a child. Play helps kids exercise creativity and develop imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Children learn how to interact, face fears, cultivate confidence and enrich their competencies and resiliency--all through play.

Kidz Play Zone understands that play is necessary for healthy child development, and that's why our play structures are specifically designed to encourage the physical, social, emotional, and sensory development of children.  

SOCIAL- Develops self-concept through interaction, builds self-esteem,moral development, peer relationships, perspective-taking, and nurturing relationships. 

PHYSICAL- Develops fine and gross motor skills including flexibilty, balance and agility. Regular physical education increases self-esteem, social development, weight control, stress management, and motor skill development.

EMOTIONAL- Develops self-confidence and builds self-esteem, promotes self expression and perspective-taking.

SENSORY- Promotes learning through hands-on activities that stimulates the senses..